About UsWho we are, our network, our process and some insights we want to share with you

Our Team:

  • Peter Lysell - CEO, Sharing Insight AB

    A Chemical Engineer who built his line manager experience in the field of Sustainable Development. His vivid interest in what motivates and drives people performance, took him from organic chemistry into the area of people chemistry instead and rendered him a seat on the Management team as HR Manager.

  • Shirley Lane - Project Co-ordinator, Sharing Insight AB

    Shirley comes from a international publishing background with a wealth of experience in Sales, Marketing, Administration, IT, and Project Coordination. Shirley is based at our offices in Gothenburg.

  • The Sandpit Group - Michael Newman
    Michael’s background in Military Engineering and Mountaineering has given him a deep insight into the power of leadership and its role in creating effective teams.  He now spends his time helping others to experiment with their leadership style so they may adapt to the ambiguities and uncertainties of today’s business world.  Michael particularly enjoys supporting executives as they enact light-touch leadership through empowerment, coaching and facilitation.

  • Hast Utveckling - Wilhelm Hast
    A Consultant, Trainer and Mentor/Coach for Managers and Executives, based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Wilhelm has a vast experience of more than 20 years of training and developing individuals and groups in the field of leadership, communication and personal effectiveness.

  • Verónica Meizoso
    Verónica is a personal and executive coach who strongly believes that people are the key to success in any business. She is passionate about helping individuals move through change and achieve their personal and professional goals. Her specialist expertise is the development of leadership and communication skills, employee motivation and sales training.

Our Process

  • Step 1 Research

    Our emphasis is not on telling universal "truths" about what we know, but instead on an iterative process where together we discover and share insights that work for your organization right here, right now.

  • Step 2 Viewpoints

    We bring a point of view on how issues can be addressed in a candid, practical way, where we can work alongside your employees, facilitating their interactions and ensuring mutual understanding.

  • Step 3 Develop

    Together we develop an action plan and tailor-make the development solution specifically to your organizations needs. Your vision, strategy and objectives provide the direction.

  • Step 4 Deliver

    For a more detailed example of one of our tailor-made processes, portraying how we at Sharing Insight can specifically design and deliver programs, please follow the link...
    Leadership Mandate Program

We provide services in areas related to personal, team and organizational effectiveness.