FeedbackOnline360 degree questionnaires online

  • 360 DEGREE FEEDBACK - Made easy!

    FeedbackOnline™ is a 360 degree (multi-rator) tool, designed to be used as a process companion to serious performance management initiatives, addressing the effectiveness of individuals, teams and organizations.

    FeedbackOnline™ works best when it is used for a clear business purpose, providing employees with insight into the skills they must develop to help the organization meet its goals.

    FeedbackOnline™ provides a user friendly web-based solution, no software or prior technical expertise is required. It can be used for large organizations right down to single users.


  • Why Choose FeedbackOnline?

    • Cost efficient - low set-up costs
    • User friendly - interface and pdf reports
    • Self-administrated - No Consultants needed
    • Works for large organizations & single users
    • Multi-lingual support
    • No software required
    • Participating managers will find FeedbackOnline™ a quick, down-to-earth and hassle-free tool that works well with the most common web browsers on the market.
    • Simple administration screens provide clear and easy navigation and leave many opportunities for customization, printing reports and setting up surveys without the support from external consultants.

    FeedbackOnline™ is designed for simplicity and clarity. The software can be easily adapted to include your company’s logotype...


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