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    "From the first contact Sharing Insight have been consistently positive. With each and every opportunity they quickly fitted in to our needs and presented options on how we could move forward. From the first meeting we agreed the extent of the assignment and obtained a proposal then together, clearly and legibly, we were able to formulate our different roles in the continuing work whilst working on how we keep to schedule. The proposals have been highly useful throughout the period and have also been very successful; otherwise we would have been left in a conflict-inclined situation.

    Determining whether we, as customers, are happy with the assignments has always been carried out. The assignments always achieved the required results. Sharing Insight has always fulfilled our expectations with the greatest sharpness for our requirements and needs."

    John Sandström, Department Manager, Eka Chemicals AB

  • "Our style of delivery is characterized by an emphasis on authenticity and straight forwardness. We only do things we believe in and practice ourselves. Working with clients also requires us to adjust our communication style to the client company; humour, internal jargon, ways of interacting etc. to maximize output. For a complete list of our clients click here...

    Peter Lysell, Managing Partner, Sharing Insight

  • "It is a positive challenge to cooperate with Sharing Insight. They work hard to learn to know your business, culture, values and leadershipstyle. They ask the right questions...tough and right on target and have a way of finding innovative and unique solutions. They don't always make your life easy, but they deliver results ...that's why we have used them over and over again."

    Mikael Frisk, Executive Vice President HR, Fortum Corporation

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